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We’ve been given an amazing world and it’s our responsibility to take care of it! Being sustainable and eco-friendly is something that is extremely important to us. We are striving each day to make the necessary changes in order to leave a smaller footprint and a better world for our children.

In 2019, we became a carbon-neutral business through our partnership with Trees For the Future and also began planting two trees for every order we ship to offset the carbon emissions created by the carriers during shipment.

In store, we’ve trashed (if you will) the plastic bags which are neither manufactured from renewable resources nor biodegradable and are using 100% recycled paper bags. Recycled packaging not only requires fewer resources and less energy to create than new packaging does, but gives new life to materials that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill. How beautiful is that!? In addition, all our online orders are proudly fulfilled using 100% recycled, reusable, and compostable packaging materials.

We love the opportunity to offer products like reusable stainless steel straws which are much better for the environment than disposable plastic straws and safer than glass straws. We also have a large selection of reusable produce bags and lunch sacks. These bags, along with our constantly changing selection of canvas tote bags made from 100% recycled cotton, are a perfect substitute for plastic bags at the grocery store! The large array of non-toxic, veggie-dyed screens on them are always a conversation starter!

And, if you know us, you know we are adamant about putting natural products on both our and our children’s skin. This is why we choose to offer safe, natural, and organic skin care products here at Broken Spoke Boutique (if it’s not good enough for us, why would it be good enough for you!?). What you might not realize is that these products are not only better for our skin, body, and overall wellness, but for the environment as well. Ingredients like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde (commonly called “fragrance”), and tricolosan are horrible for our bodies, yet are found in so many personal care products. These dangerous chemicals not only soak into our skin and body when we use products containing them, but they wash off and ultimately impact sea and other animal life. Also, skin care manufacturers that achieve organic certification also demonstrate that all the ingredients and processes they use have minimal impact on the environment and that they adhere to eco-friendly policies relating to conservation, natural resources, biodiversity and waste management. They are committed to using the earth and its resources as wisely (and minimally) as possible, for the benefit of everyone now and our children in the future.

No one is prefect and no individual person can change the world on their own, but each one of us can do small things, being good stewards of what we are given, and together can make a large impact for years to come.