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About Our Team

Broken Spoke Boutique is not just a family owned and operated business—it’s our home. Here is a little view into our family and what we do!


That's Me!

My entire life, I have loved all things fashion and have always enjoyed buying beautiful handmade jewelry when visiting new places. I love that I have the ability to take these things and incorporate them into Broken Spoke Boutique. Over the past decade, I have also become more conscience of all the harmful chemicals contained in many of the products on the market today and am very careful not to put them on our family's skin or pollute the environment with them. Because I'm so adamant about these things, I have made it a priority to offer things like natural and organic skincare and makeup, as well as eco-friendly products in an eco-responsible way!


''Mr Broken Spoke''

While he may not be on payroll, Broken Spoke couldn't exist without my husband. That's why I call him ''Mr Broken Spoke!'' Phil is my own personal tech support. He built and maintains the website and keeps our social media (and online presence in general) up to date. He's the one who remodeled our beautiful building to my every whim, and builds all the displays for the shop. A lot of our amazing vendors were even discovered by him which is also pretty awesome! But, above everything else, he puts up with me and supports all my crazy ideas! ❤️❤️❤️


''Zoey Harper Designs''

Zoey is creating something every chance she gets. Whether it's building with blocks, drawing, or making jewelry, she is always doing something that uses her amazing creativity and eye for design. She started making and selling bracelets at the boutique at the beginning of 2020 as ''Zoey Harper Designs'' to help raise money for underprivileged families around the world and to feed orphans in India. Zoey's big heart and love for others is helping make the world a better place, and we couldn't be more proud of her!


Online Fulfillment Services

This little spit-fire can be found singing and dancing around the shop on a daily basis. She enjoys helping open the boxes of new inventory and greets every customer that walks through the door (full disclosure: she thinks they come to see her). Most importantly, she helps carry packages to the courier every day. She enjoys the fresh air and singing Skeeter Davis's ''I Can't Stay Mad at You'' the entire two-block walk to take our online orders to the lovely ladies at the Valentine Post Office.