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Leather Heel Gripper

  • Usually Ships within 24 Hours


Leather Heel Grip

  • FIX LOOSE-FITTING SHOES: The Pedag STOP is a soft, self-adhesive leather heel grip that fits comfortably in shoes that are a little too loose for the perfect fit. Just mark the area of your shoe that needs extra padding and insert STOP
  • SELF-ADHESIVE: We use a super-strong adhesive to anchor STOP to your shoes and prevent slippage. This water-based adhesive won’t damage your shoes and won’t hurt the environment. Allow the heel grips to cure for an hour to ensure a tight grip
  • SOFT LEATHER: Pedag STOP is made of ultra-soft suede leather for a luxurious feel that won’t bother sensitive skin. This gives you extra padding right where you need it and prevents blisters and heel chafing even from stiff dress shoe
  • VERSATILE HEEL GRIPS: Designed for comfort, Pedag STOP is hand-made in Germany from superior fabrics. One size fits all men’s and women’s shoes; just adjust the positioning of STOP inside your shoe for a customized fit
  • PERFECT FOR SPECIAL SIZES: Do you have an especially small or narrow foot that makes it a pain to find shoes that fit properly? Pedag STOP provides just enough extra cushion to keep your heels from slipping out of the backs of flats or heels