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Turquoise Electroformed Copper Ring – Size 7.75


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Turquoise Electroformed Copper Ring – Size 7.75

Ring size: Approx. 7.75
Stone: Approx. x
Band: Approx.

The scientific and intricate process used to add layers of copper is called electroforming. This process can be unpredictable and can take hours to days to complete just one wearable. There may be small perfect imperfections in the copper and it may darken over time. Each piece has been cleansed and sealed.

The acidic nature of human sweat and other substances on the skin (such as soaps and lotions) react with copper. This reaction, called oxidation, causes a green patina to form on the copper and that color can transfer to the wearers skin. The reaction varies according to individual body chemistry, both in how long it takes for the green discoloration to form and in how distinct the color becomes. Some people may not experience any discoloration at all. If you do experience this greening, it simply washes off with soap and water.

MergingMetals creates unique and unconventional wearables, each lovingly handcrafted and made with purpose. They hand patina, polish, and apply a metal sealant to each item. From start to finish each piece takes 4 to 6 days to complete. A lot of love goes into each and every piece they create.