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Small Town Nebraska Leather Patch Hat

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"Small Town, Big Heart" Valentine, Nebraska Unisex Hat with Leather Patch

This local favorite design is back in a new and big way!

This is the perfect hat to show your love for our small amazing town of Valentine, or any small town for that matter! This adjustable hat is prefect for both girls and guys!

The patches are genuine leather. Like a baseball glove the leather patch will darken and soften over time. Made 6/7 oz. full grain leather, guaranteed to withstand through all natures elements. Why? Full Grain is the top-quality leather available, and will age and tell a story over time. The leather is received in its natural state. No dyes or chemicals are used to color it, just the sun. Tanning in the desert, gives it a beautiful golden-brown color. 

Just like life, these hats change and get better with time and experience